Wednesday, 9 April 2014

When I die, bury me inside a Mac store

Excuse the rather theatrical title, but I was unsure of how to fully communicate my undying love for Mac Make-up products. As a lady of rather sensitive skin, access to hypoallergenic beauty products is essential. Unfortunately, the beauty industry doesn't cater too well for women of colour, and with my Face of a thousand skin issues I thought I was more or less doomed.

'Enter Mac': Queen of Cosmetics and healer of turbulent facial conditions.

And thus began my illustrious romance with the jewels of their product line:
Diva. Touch. Rebel. Media. Viva Glam. Spice It Up.

It was a lipstick love affair, and my longest relationship to date.

Having been very satisfied with their Studio Fix Foundation, I planned to replenish my stocks with the same spf15 NC50. I had been using before BUT...  I recently came across their new Matchmaster range which (as I understand it) uses a modern make-up technology to achieve a more personalised finish (despite the face the new range has a smaller number of shades to choose from).

The cynic in me was apprehensive about the arrival of this new product, and was in no mind to take it home with me, especially as it was a whole £5.50 more than the Studio Fix Foundation I knew and loved.

However ladies and gentlemen, let this be a lesson of tolerance and liberality to you today. Whilst I still have no complaints about my old foundation, I must admit, Matchmaster has raised the bar exponentially. Not only does it provide a clean, smooth coverage (evening out any colour discrepancies under eyes or otherwise) but its barely noticeable. It gives that subtle air-brush look AND even though it is more expensive, you get 5ml more liquid, which means it will last you that much longer.

Me and Mac are still going steady, taking care of one another in ways we never imagined we would.  As you can see, this incident has only made the bond between us stronger.


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