Saturday, 5 April 2014

Magic Monki

posted on my instagram: ms_effiegx

There are many things that might stimulate excitement in a broke student shopper, such as myself. One event that scores highly amongst those of my kind is of course, a mid-season sale. Tightly guarded purses become empty shells and bulky bank  accounts dwindle in the midst of the big red sale sign. Its inevitable.
So here's  how the story goes...  I was on my way into London with a friend when I saw an email pop out about the Monki mid-season sale. Now I was somewhat hesitant about the store when I first scoped the Carnaby Street scene, but we figured we'd give it a little look-see nonetheless.  I can't say I was terribly impressed with the sale section but I fell in love with these fitted high wasted pleat-fronts. The cut fits me surprisingly well considering it was a size small and my derrière has its own orbit. I didn't find it in the sale but it was only £25!
I also found an ice-white fluffy bomber jacket, made of the most gloriously soft faux fur I think I've ever come into contact with, also for £25. I love textural stuff so this was a personal favourite of mine, but they also have some beautiful Miss Pope-worthy trench coats for only 
£60 - a fraction of the prices you'd find in Topshop or Zara right now. Definitely not as thick, but still a bargain. The store is quite comprehensive in terms of catering to a lot of different styles so theres a good chance you'll find something you love. Let all put our hands together and pray for the initiation of a student discount scheme. 

Well done Monki. The shopping savage has been satisfied a day longer.



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