Wednesday, 9 April 2014

When I die, bury me inside a Mac store

Excuse the rather theatrical title, but I was unsure of how to fully communicate my undying love for Mac Make-up products. As a lady of rather sensitive skin, access to hypoallergenic beauty products is essential. Unfortunately, the beauty industry doesn't cater too well for women of colour, and with my Face of a thousand skin issues I thought I was more or less doomed.

'Enter Mac': Queen of Cosmetics and healer of turbulent facial conditions.

And thus began my illustrious romance with the jewels of their product line:
Diva. Touch. Rebel. Media. Viva Glam. Spice It Up.

It was a lipstick love affair, and my longest relationship to date.

Having been very satisfied with their Studio Fix Foundation, I planned to replenish my stocks with the same spf15 NC50. I had been using before BUT...  I recently came across their new Matchmaster range which (as I understand it) uses a modern make-up technology to achieve a more personalised finish (despite the face the new range has a smaller number of shades to choose from).

The cynic in me was apprehensive about the arrival of this new product, and was in no mind to take it home with me, especially as it was a whole £5.50 more than the Studio Fix Foundation I knew and loved.

However ladies and gentlemen, let this be a lesson of tolerance and liberality to you today. Whilst I still have no complaints about my old foundation, I must admit, Matchmaster has raised the bar exponentially. Not only does it provide a clean, smooth coverage (evening out any colour discrepancies under eyes or otherwise) but its barely noticeable. It gives that subtle air-brush look AND even though it is more expensive, you get 5ml more liquid, which means it will last you that much longer.

Me and Mac are still going steady, taking care of one another in ways we never imagined we would.  As you can see, this incident has only made the bond between us stronger.


Eye Spy a Good Buy

Online shopping was my first and most fanatical addiction. Who can blame me?  Counting out my online receipts can be a destructive experience for the psyche, but its all worth it for a slaying outfit if you ask me.
Anyone who knows me is sure to tell you shopping vouchers are at the top of my wishlist. If I'm not hunting for a new restaurant to obsess over, you're sure to find me in or around the vicinity of my favourite store - Zara.

So, here it is. The line up of the criminals that have been exacting habitual havoc on my account. Only joking. I am loving my new divine printed polyester Zara dress from their TRF Spring 2014 Collection - priced at £25.99. I adore the colour, and the hemless cut (something I've noticed Zara is growing increasingly fond of as of late). This purchase is a combination of all my favourite things: cheap, cheerful and versatile. I can wear it with heeled boots or scruffy converses. What else could a girl want?

Zara rucksack - £39.99

ALSO: I couldn't help but pick up this leather backpack (also from Zara) a wonderful accessory to almost every outfit. I wear it to school and just to waltz around London, window shopping. The pin hole clasp is not as stable as I thought it would be, and often comes open if I'm carrying my laptop. So thats annoying. But I do not regret the purchase, and I still wear it whenever I can!

Much love for Zara.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mini Midi Mention

This is just a little piece I put together for my first day of an Introduction to Fashion Journalism course I started this week at Central Saint Martins, London. So far its been a great experience and I've learnt a lot about the industry including how to break in and survival tips. In face I owe the very inception of this blog (I hope) you kind people are reading, to my tutor. She's fab.
The midi skirt is an indispensable item to those of us whose fashion etiquette is ultimately characterised by a fuller figure. Whilst the mini poses a risk of over-exposure and the maxi tends makes an average length body look hideously elfin the midi provides the perfect compromise to accentuate curves and achieve a sexy but sophisticated look (even if I do say so myself). Obviously this is not the case for every girl, but its certainly become one of my favourite trends to resurface. This year, more of the A-line midis are sure to be a big hit, but I'm still holding onto the slim-fit swing for as long as I can! 

Topshop Tartan Midi - £24 & Sunglasses -  £16
Asos Ribbed Crop Turtle neck - £14

You might have also seen some of these photos on --> a good friend and fellow fashion enthusiast. She is staying with me a while whilst we attend the course together. So you'l probably see us mentioning each other from time to time. 

Let me know what you think of the look!

Brie. XO

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Magic Monki

posted on my instagram: ms_effiegx

There are many things that might stimulate excitement in a broke student shopper, such as myself. One event that scores highly amongst those of my kind is of course, a mid-season sale. Tightly guarded purses become empty shells and bulky bank  accounts dwindle in the midst of the big red sale sign. Its inevitable.
So here's  how the story goes...  I was on my way into London with a friend when I saw an email pop out about the Monki mid-season sale. Now I was somewhat hesitant about the store when I first scoped the Carnaby Street scene, but we figured we'd give it a little look-see nonetheless.  I can't say I was terribly impressed with the sale section but I fell in love with these fitted high wasted pleat-fronts. The cut fits me surprisingly well considering it was a size small and my derrière has its own orbit. I didn't find it in the sale but it was only £25!
I also found an ice-white fluffy bomber jacket, made of the most gloriously soft faux fur I think I've ever come into contact with, also for £25. I love textural stuff so this was a personal favourite of mine, but they also have some beautiful Miss Pope-worthy trench coats for only 
£60 - a fraction of the prices you'd find in Topshop or Zara right now. Definitely not as thick, but still a bargain. The store is quite comprehensive in terms of catering to a lot of different styles so theres a good chance you'll find something you love. Let all put our hands together and pray for the initiation of a student discount scheme. 

Well done Monki. The shopping savage has been satisfied a day longer.


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A Prologue of Pleasantries

Hello people, welcome to my mind. 

I love big bargains and good food, as any respectable citizen of God's green earth should.

From this blog you can expect a plethora of fashion-related posts, some maybe of good buys, outfits I planned or trends I like. In the very least you could probably find a variety of verbose vocab to steal to bulk up an essay word count or something to that effect. One thing I can assure you, is that its all my own opinions and experiences. 

I'll try to stick to only using my own pictures too, but I you may occasionally find the old "throwback to the 80's" picture I used for inspiration. Oh, and I live vicariously through well-dressed characters from Movies and TV shows so don't be surprised if you see pictures of Miss Olivia Pope (from Scandal) dressed in full regalia, boss-babe coat in hand. 
I'd love you to read/ like/ comment/ message me with whatever, if its about shopping or TV you can be 100% sure I'll respond.

Side-note: If any of you don't already watch Game of Thrones, its imperative to your social standing and general mental well being that you start now. FOMO is real, and it will catch you.