Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Eye Spy a Good Buy

Online shopping was my first and most fanatical addiction. Who can blame me?  Counting out my online receipts can be a destructive experience for the psyche, but its all worth it for a slaying outfit if you ask me.
Anyone who knows me is sure to tell you shopping vouchers are at the top of my wishlist. If I'm not hunting for a new restaurant to obsess over, you're sure to find me in or around the vicinity of my favourite store - Zara.

So, here it is. The line up of the criminals that have been exacting habitual havoc on my account. Only joking. I am loving my new divine printed polyester Zara dress from their TRF Spring 2014 Collection - priced at £25.99. I adore the colour, and the hemless cut (something I've noticed Zara is growing increasingly fond of as of late). This purchase is a combination of all my favourite things: cheap, cheerful and versatile. I can wear it with heeled boots or scruffy converses. What else could a girl want?

Zara rucksack - £39.99

ALSO: I couldn't help but pick up this leather backpack (also from Zara) a wonderful accessory to almost every outfit. I wear it to school and just to waltz around London, window shopping. The pin hole clasp is not as stable as I thought it would be, and often comes open if I'm carrying my laptop. So thats annoying. But I do not regret the purchase, and I still wear it whenever I can!

Much love for Zara.


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